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TACount Ltd.

TACount Ltd. Founded in the incubator in May 2009. The company is developing an innovative technology enabling the detection and counting of microorganisms in a matter of minutes. By detecting the culturable / colony forming microorganisms only, it provides a CFU count equivalent to what would be obtained using plate count method. The technology is based on the discovery of a specific intracellular activity.

TACount intends to replace the conventional method of cell culture that takes several hours to a few days, by providing an equivalent count in a matter of minutes.

The technology may be used in a broad range of applications in the field of industrial microbiology such as drinking and wastewater, pharmaceuticals and food and beverage production lines. By detecting a microbial infection in minutes instead of days, it significantly reduces the response time to such an event.

Contact Info:

Mr. Charles Gast, CEO
Tel: +972-74-7136666
Fax: +972-4-6709014
Cell: +972-54-2244600

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