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PML Ltd.

PML has conceived, developed and patented a breakthrough in-process particle size analyzer (PSA). The PML system measures particle size and concentration, differentiating between distinct particle populations according to their optical properties.

PML has developed technology and system that are based upon a unique structured, "dark" laser beam, interacting with the particles. The technology enables automatic and continuous monitoring of particle sizes (including sub-micron particles) and concentrations, in water before and after filtration. The system also differentiates between particles categories, such as clay, carbon, algae, germs, parasites and viruses.

PML is a start-up company founded as a spin-off from the Technion and financed by the State of Israel, a strategic Australian partner and the European Union. The company is considered to be in an advanced research and development stage with the first market launch expected in 2009.

PML and Mekorot have been cooperating to develop and complete a beta site at one of the Mekorot facilities, as a first step towards commercialization of the system.

The company was selected by Fiat to head a research consortium to develop a method of measuring and analyzing vehicle emissions in order to meet the increasingly strict EU and US standards.

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Contact Info:
Meir Teichner, CEO
Cell: +972-50-7269230

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