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HydroSpin Monitoring Solutions Ltd.

Founded in 2010, HydroSpin has developed a unique micro-generator that produces energy from the water flow inside distribution pipes, Through the production of energy, Hydrospin acts as an enabler for operating, measuring and transmitting data including; water toxicity, pH, chlorine, salinity, flow rate, pressure etc. Hydrospin can be deployed as part of an integrated monitoring and data transmitting system generating the necessary operating energy independently without onsite maintenance work. The system can operate anywhere around the world; transmit the data and communicate with a central server that processes multi-source information and transfers the information to the end user.

The Problem
The demand for safe and clean water is growing exponentially. The significant global need for water monitoring is acute in places that do not have electrical supply such as remote locations or water pipes buried under the surface in big and crowded cities.
While the demand for on line monitoring is growing, the alternatives such as batteries, solar panels, and other renewable energies, do not fulfill these needs.
Although the production of the energy from water flow has been previously accomplished, no efficient products are available on the market.

Solution & Technology
HydroSpin provides a tool for improvement of water management by:
• A unique generator design that allows the production of the required energy amount with minimal water head loss.
• Generating energy independently in locations that lack an electrical network.
• Providing the energy necessary to yield an ongoing, real time, continuous measurement and transmission of information.
• Providing warnings of unwanted events.
• Being operated, maintained, and adjusted by remote controls without onsite human intervention.
• Transferring information via a variety of communication methods
• Capable of being assembled and operated within the water pipes, without interfering with water conveyance or needing to seal the water within the pipe.

Target Markets
The Hydrospin solution can be implemented by water supply companies, water utilities, and infrastructure companies around the world. Hydrospin enables these companies to improve water management and ensure safe and high quality water supply. 

Contact Info:
Amit Shilony
Tel: +972-74-7136600
Fax: +972-4-6709014


Please see more of Hydrospin in the press:,7340,L-3523324,00.html 


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