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Diffusaire Ltd.

Diffusaire Ltd.  is developing low-cost and high efficiency aeration systems for the wastewater treatment industry. Aeration is widely used to increase the oxygen content of water in waste water treatment plants (WWTP) as well as fish farms.

The Market
Most of the wastewater treatment worldwide is performed by aerobic biological processes. Energy requirements for wastewater treatment have been estimated by the DOE to be up to 1.5% of total US electricity consumption, at an annual cost of about US$ 1.6 billion in the US alone. The high operating costs associated with wastewater treatment even causes some places in the world to discharge untreated wastewater to the environment.

Diffusaire's hybrid technology, comprising of diffusing air into pumped liquid, enables to double the retention time of the air bubbles in the liquid, thus reducing the power consumption by approximately 50%.

Key customers
Diffusaire targets the global market of aerobic wastewater treatment plant operators (municipal & industrial), where it will be offering a reduction of up to 50% in aeration system power consumption and capital costs. For retrofitting existing wastewater treatment facilities, Diffusaire shall offer a fast project ROI of less than one year.

Read an article about aeration systems [in Hebrew]  > /uploadimages/Diffusair.pdf

Read the article "Smart Bubbles - Key to Israeli aeration energy savings claim" - Water & Wastewater international October/November 2012  /uploadimages/wwi november 12 color.pdf

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Meir Shimko, CEO
Office: +972-74-7136624
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