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SPC Tech Ltd.

SPC Tech was founded in April 2010 within Kinrot Ventures, a technological incubator focusing on water technologies companies.

The company develops a smart pressure control system that significantly reduces leakage and bursts risks in residential water pipes.

Leakage in residential water pipes causes extensive damage to walls, electricity, furniture etc. as well as water loss and high water bills. Insurance companies pay millions on water damage suits. Yet, no efficient solutions exist on the market.

The Mission is to Develop a technology that reduces the probability of water pipes bursting and significantly reduces water leakage in pipes in homes, apartments and offices. 

Our pipe inline device would be installed to apartment’s or office’s water pipe inlets and would control water pressure. Though the device fulfills complicated functions, its unique structure, based on an innovative solution, enables it to remain affordable to a wide range of customers and applications.

In most of the Western world, private houses, apartments, offices and public buildings are connected to a municipal water supply system, allowing the consumption of water at a sufficient water pressure. Therefore, the risk of water leakage and bursts always exists. SPC Tech’s ambition is to make its device an installed necessity before the flow meter, helping its customers to reduce water loss and potential economical damage. 

In addition, the company is offering insurance companies a new device that can significantly reduce water leakages related suits.

SPC Tech’s main target market is the homeowners and office businesses, connected to residential water supply systems.

Contact Info:
Mr. Avishay Halperin, CEO
Tel: +972-74-7136608
Fax: +972-4-6709014  

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