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Wadis Ltd. Was founded in April 2010 within Kinrot Ventures, a technological incubator focused on water technologies companies. The company offers efficient, low-cost and low maintenance, as well as high performance technology for water and waste water disinfection, enables to reduce significantly the total cost for water treatment.
The world is in the midst of a growing global water crisis:
An estimated 1.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water: Three billion don’t have the means to access sanitized water;  Another 500 million live in countries with barely enough water for their people;  The recent report of The World Water Commission indicates that world water consumption will increase by 40% over the course of the next twenty years.

Water disinfection is one of the main stages in water and waste water treatment that ensures the killing of all hazardous microorganisms that can harm a human being. The conventional methods for water disinfection including chemical method such as chlorine and ozone,  and physical methods such as ultraviolet, with each method has its own advantages and disadvantages such as DBP's (Disinfection By Product) formation, storage, expensive maintenance and high energy consumption.

The company is developing a low cost, low maintenance and high performance system, capable of facing the complicated challenges of water disinfection. The system will be simple and easy to operate, and will be effective for wide range of applications.

Wadis technology is a non reagents ecological method based on electrical pulse discharge in the water. When electrical high voltage is discharged into water, the following phenomena appear:  Strong shock wave; High light radiation including UV; High magnetic and electric fields, ionization and polarization of the molecules; Cavitations; Very high temperatures at the discharge canal. All these act as disinfection agents, ensuring high performance system, effective against wide range of microorganisms in various applications. The company's PPDU (Pulsed Power Disinfection Unit) unique structure enables to achieve high performance while using low energy consumption.

The company target mainly the primary disinfection market which is estimated to be a multibillion $ market. Wadis technology is suitable for disinfection in wide range of application such as surface water, underground water, storm water, industry, effluent disinfection, and various aquaculture applications.

Contact info:
Mrs. Riki Gafri, CEO
Tel: +972-74-7136666
Fax: +972-4-670-9014
Cell: +972-54-2181571

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