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FiltofleX Ltd.

FiltoFlex Ltd. Is developing new filtration system that is based on flexible filtration media. Filtration is one of the major disciplines in water and waste water treatment processes, and its goal is the removal of suspended solids from the treated raw water. FiltoFlex filter is based on a unique filtration media that can change its shape under controlled pressure.  By doing that, it is possible to control the filtration grade, to achieve efficient backwash and to reduce the total filtration cost. FiltoFlex filter may be implemented in different applications such as drinking water filtration, desalination pretreatment, secondary waste water filtration, and others.

Contact Info:
Mr. Nir Oz, CEO
Tel: +972-74-7136666
Fax: +972-4-6709014
Cell: +972-52-6999902

Mrs. Osnat Merom Jacov, PhD
Tel: +972-74-7136607
Fax: +972-4-6709014
Cell: +972-54-4984686

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