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WellToDo Ltd.

Founded in September 2012 within Kinrot Ventures, WellToDo is commercializing a technology for the removal of Nitrate contamination from water. The WellToDo technology is advantagous compared to current available tehnologies since Nitrate is directly converted to Nitrogen thus eliminating the need for additional costly treatment of concentrates found in other Nitrate removal methods based on membrane or ion exchange processes. 

The Problem
Nitrate is the most common chemical contaminant found in ground water around the world. In the US for example, the problem is known in California where about 10% of the public drinking water supply wells produce water that exceeds the regulatory drinking water Nitrate limit. The main source for Nitrate contamination in ground water is fertilizers and so this problem is well known in Europe and most developed countries. Excessive concentration of Nitrate is linked to the fatal blue baby syndrome, cancer and other illnesses. Finding economical methods of cleaning Nitrate contaminated water will increase clean water supply and can solve many water shortage issues.    

The Mission
Our mission is to supply an effective, low cost and environmentally sound method for Nitrate removal from water. 

Solution & Technology
ellToDo is commercializing the Nitrate removal technology developed by Prof. Moshe Sheintuch and Dr. Uri Meytal of the Chemical Engineering Faculty in the Technion Israeli Insitute of Technology in Haifa Israel. The technology is based on a unique catalytic reduction process of Nitrates. The WellToDo process utilizes a proprietary catalyst deposited on a unique substrate in order to react Hydrogen with Nitrates and convert Nitrates into gaseous Nitrogen and water. As a result, a reaction free of by products is achieved thus eliminating the need to treat Nitrate concentrates as in other Nitrate removal processes.The technology is fully proved using a lab scale prototype and is now scaled up to pilot scale facilities.  

Target Markets
The WellToDo technology will deliver unique advantages in treating ground water contaminated with Nitrates. Our immediate target market is the ground water remediation in Israel, the US and Europe. Our optimal customers are water utilities and owners of Nitrate contaminated water wells who seek an economical, environmentally friendly and robust solution for treating this water and supplying it to customers.    

Contact Info:
Mr. Hovav Gilan, CEO
Tel: +972-74-7136666
Fax: +972-4-6709014
Cell: +972-54-2191533

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